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Top Ten Commandments of an Entrepreneur
Want to grow your business but having trouble? AppSumo CEO and Founder, Noah Kagan will show you the top MOST common things holding you back — and gives actionable ways to defeat them.
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What you'll learn
  • Startups do's and dont's
    Creating a website or buying Facebook ads before you start making money is only going to hurt your business - learn what you should be doing instead.
  • Tactics to stay motivated
    After launching several businesses, Noah Kagan knows first hand how challenging it can be to stay inspired and shares how he’s been able to keep the creativity flowing.
  • How to lean into your fears
    Launching a business can feel daunting - but there are ways to combat the adversity and come out on top.
  • Setting proper limitations
    The world is your oyster, but learning how to work within constraints can help boost your creativity and get you closer to an MVP.
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